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VMHSS GROUP of SCHOOLS emphasises that Education is not merely cramming up the text, but it has to activate the brain to think. So we impart knowledge and also include human values and lofty ideas. Education should cater to the body, mind and spirit and bestow awareness of truth and subjects. Also it teaches one to face life’s situations. So our institution is to prepare our young generation physically, mentally and intellectually to be fit to love as ideal examples in the future.

Our Motto

As Plato says “We can not build a suitable future for our youth but we can build our youth suitable for the future”. Our motto is to prepare our youths who can face any challenge in future. We strive to produce youth of physical, mental and emotional well being with abilities for adaptive and positive behavior that enables an individual to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. We adopt C.C.A. system in evaluation. The seven stages of learning ie. Knowledge, understanding, comprehension, application analysis and creativity are meticulously watched. Good attitudes and values are nurtured so that the child can have harmonious co-existence with his fellow beings and develop a spirit of appreciation for the diverse culture of the Nation.

Excellence in Academics

The motive of the school is to impart life skill oriented education with activity based leaning to make the students self confident and capable of divergent thinking; and also to develop in the young minds a spirit of Nationalism, Patriotism and brotherhood to serve everyone without barriers.

RED - Let your light shine

BLUE - To love is to serve

GREEN - Faster! Higher! Stronger!

YELLOW- Be peacemakers of the world


The school follows the curriculum and syllabi prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education. The State Board syllabus is followed in the Higher Secondary course. English is the medium of instruction. Hindi / Tamil are offered as second languages in classes I to V and Tamil/Hindi/French as third language in classes VI to VIII.

There are preparatory classes like Pre.K.G., L.K.G. and U.K.G for children of the age of 2½years to 4½years. The school adopts “Child Centered Play way Method” in teaching Kinder garden children

NCERT syllabus is followed from Std.I to Std. XII. From Pre.K.G., to U.K.G complete play way method and activity based learning is followed. From L.K.G. to Std.V, the II language offered is either Hindi or Tamil. The III language offered for Stds. VI - VIII is Tamil, Hindi or French.